What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Our experiences with Kelly have always been positive . . . Kelly orchestrated a schedule and proactively followed up to make sure the schedule stayed on time. To our surprise, we actually moved in one month earlier than expected.”

Deborah and Craig

“ can’t thank you guys enough for everything you have done. I really feel like we got more than our money’s worth in our house and all the work you put into it.”

Heather and Keith

“Kelly is a good, respectful person that we admire. He is a man of his word.”

Shirley and Wallace

“Kelly stayed with our schedule and price range. He didn’t desert me after he had been paid.”


“Your team has exceeded our expectations. Your work is the most professional.”

Karen and Chuck

“ just wanted to let you know how much we really appreciate the caliber of home you built for us.”


“ I appreciate you taking the time to give us quotes to getting the work started. Thank you for the care shown in our home.”

Gayle and Mike

“ we are delighted . . . the extra little touches made a quality product.”

Carol and Ron

“Thanks so much for your good work!”


“We have seen every Bowling Green builder’s work during our home search and we discovered that no one builds detail into a home like Gemini Homes, Inc.”

Felicia and Daryl

“You listened well to what my needs were and you delivered. We so appreciate your response quickly and cheerfully thoughout the project.”


“We think your construction, efficiency and attention to detail is superb.”

Emily and Brian

“I want to thank you and your staff for the outstanding service and professionalism displayed in customizing our home.”


“not only did Kelly and Gemini Homes, Inc. utilize the entire home to provide livable space for our needs, but the quality of work put into our home is great.”

Ann and Jerry

“You are very special to us . . . we tell everyone just how wonderful you are as people . . . and as a builder.”


“Kelly took his time getting to know us and our needs. He listened to us and put us at ease with his attitude, as well as his professional approach. Kelly’s team is incredible and they all share the same goal – ensuring the customer is made to feel a part of the building process.”

Karen and Dave

What’s Wrong With Competitive Bidding?

 “Competitive bids are just that!  If I shave labor or materials to get your job, is that the house you really want?  There are hundreds of ways to lower the price of building, which often lower the quality and workmanship also.  The best drawings and specifications don’t protect you from poor trade practices.” -The Well Built House, Page 23

 The quote from The Well Built House sums it up well.  There are plenty of ways to cut corners to create a lower price.  Competitive bidding just rewards the lowest price, it offers absolutely no advantage to good workmanship and actually encourages cost overruns and completion delays. 

In one survey of satisfied owners of completed projects, the most important personal attributes of a good contractor were:

  1. honesty and integrity,
  2. on time performance,
  3. good organization,
  4. good scheduling,
  5. good subcontractors,
  6. good communications skills,
  7. the ability to empathize,
  8. long term relationship oriented.

Cheap price isn’t even listed!  In the same survey of satisfied homeowners, here are the attributes listed as being present in good construction companies in order of importance:

  1. quality construction,
  2. clear builder specifications,
  3. good company organization,
  4. ability to provide price checks,
  5. ability to provide value engineering,
  6. company responsiveness,
  7. on time performance,
  8. fair price.

Price was only the eighth most important attribute customers considered important in a contracting firm, and even then, the word used was “fair” price, not “lowest” price.

Do you really want a contractor always trying to figure out the cheapest way of doing everything for place where you family will be sleeping the week you are out of town?  We prefer to do things the best way.  “Best” means, in our opinion, the most effective combination of price to performance, getting the most bang for your buck.

A competitive bid does not let you see how a contractor works.  Referrals do. A competitive bid does not demonstrate how Gemini Homes, as an experienced contracting company, can guide you through the process from beginning to end.  We don’t feel that an estimate, driven by price, will give you what you really need.

We have one request: Select your contractor based on reputation not price!



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