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Testimonial from a recent client
Thank you Gemini family for the excellent work on our recent addition to our home. All of you made what could have been a stressful situation one that we looked forward to each day!

We miss seeing all of you!!

We are extremly grateful our project was completed in a timley manner as well as right on budget. THANK YOU!

Steve and Rhonda

Success 101

Q: How does a tankless water heater work?

A: Unlike a traditional water heater with a storage tank, a tankless unit operates only when hot water is needed for an appliance or hot-water-using fixture, such as a shower or tub. Demand for hot water triggers the water heater to fire its gas/propane burner or electric coils to heat water as it travels through coils. Without a tank, the unit rarely runs out of hot water and there is no "recovery time" as with a tank unit when hot water is not available.

Choosing the Right Remodeler? Consider Your New-Home Builder

You might find it a little odd to consider hiring a new-home builder for your remodeling project, but organizations like ours can oftentimes deliver a better project than a traditional remodeling company that focuses on a range of home improvement projects.

For room additions and major renovations that require structural work and a significant amount of new construction, professional home builders are already equipped to deliver a high level of quality and owner satisfaction.

Consider...large-scale projects are often very similar to our new-home building work. A room addition, for instance, is really not much different than a new home project, encompassing the full range of construction phases and materials from the foundation and structural frame through all of the exterior and interior finishes.

Because of our experience in building new homes, we are accustomed to delivering a high level of finish and are skilled at working closely with our clients to develop, refine, and execute a quality job. We're also used to working under tight deadlines and budgets, giving us a perspective -- and skill set -- that few remodeling contractors can match.

Our new-home work often affords us greater leverage than a remodeling contractor to negotiate prices for materials and labor with our suppliers and trade partners. We enjoy long-term relationships with our team of trade partners and they know we'll have more work for them down the road, whether it's a new house or a large-scale remodeling project.

In addition to those cost-saving strategies, we value engineer every project. This process identifies and reduces unnecessary or redundant costs for materials and labor. Unlike a typical remodeling operation, we employ staff with the experience and expertise to recognize and rework your project early in the process. We also order materials as we need them, rather than all at once, which can cut down on theft, damage and eliminate the need to reorder.

Finally, professional homebuilding companies like ours typically utilize more sophisticated and reliable business practices than an average remodeling contractor. And, because of our new-home work, we usually have a greater pool of financial resources that keep headaches and cost overruns in check.
Those combined savings help us to ensure that we meet your budget or align your project with a budget that you can afford. In some cases, the money we save through negotiation, value engineering, and a streamlined operation may allow us to expand your project or upgrade the level of finish.

No doubt, there are some great remodeling contractors out there. But for large-scale room additions and major home renovations, consider the skills a professional builder brings to the table.

Warm Regards,

Kelly Arnold, President
Gemini Homes Inc.
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